Web Design Mistakes Your Small Business Should Not Be Making

It is very important for a company to understand the actual purpose of a professional web design. A blunder or even a small mistake in the designing process of the website can often have a negative impact on the business as a whole. At very best a poorly designed website will portray a negative, often confused online presence.

Below, you will find a few common web design mistakes and some simple advice as to how to fix them.

Force opening a new browser window from your site.

Big mistake! Nobody likes being forced and especially when the new browsers open new tabs people avoid opening new browser windows for surfing. Besides, people prefer to use the same tab for going deeper into a site.


Forced Resizing the browser window to meet your display needs

This again is a bad idea! Your site should give the users the liberty to choose the size of their window. Unless it is a gaming site where you have to display the entire screen; but forcing to reduce the size of a browser is totally a mistake.

Background music

Unless you are selling your music and even for that matter you should let the user decide if they want to hear something. The fact is people quickly close the tab if there is background music even without seeing the content.

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Excessive use of flash

Yes flash animations do look pretty and they are also expensive but the fact remains that people with slower internet connections take a long time to open it and simply leave in frustration. A lot of flash animation can be very distracting; especially if they start automatically.

Long homepages

Everyone hates visiting a page that needs to be scrolled excessively to get to the final sales pitch and find out what they are offering. Adding testimonial after testimonial and special offers in abundance is something people don’t really like. Making the home page very long actually makes people run away.


A properly designed website plays a very important role in marketing the products and services of a company. Most successful companies provide complete information about their products on their website. In this way, the users can glance at the offers of the company by sitting at home.

A lot of people rate a company by looking at the standard of the website. All the mistakes mentioned above can spoil the reputation of the company. Thus, they should be avoided. A bad web designer can ruin your reputation just because you didn’t know what shouldn’t have been there.

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