My Boss Just Asked Me To Organise The Annual Conference – Help Please!

At Monthly Aspectarian we love to hear from our readers and are happy to help with any reasonable requests for advice. We received an email from Jan last week, concerned she had been asked to organise the companies annual conference and didn’t know what to do.


Fortunately Jim, who is a part time editor has plenty of experience and was more than happy to share the following tips:

Organizing and planing a conference is a simple task but most people like to avoid it and in the end you get a very an planned conference which may look bad at the end of it all.

There are a few things one must consider when organizing for a conference:

1. Plan- The way one plans for the conference shows how organized you are. Get the tasks involved so as not to miss a single thing like the resources involved

2. Seek professional Help- If you are not experienced in this field of planning you can seek professional help from companies which do conference planning and you will get the best result

3. Pick a Suitable Location- The location of a conference may make the conference to be successful at the end,Most conference are not suitable if they are held in very noisy environments like near bus stops and clubs or bars where there is loud music but in a very cool environment free from all those things.This will help the Claudine to concentrate on the whole issue rather than been distracted.

4. Facilitate Networking/Communication- Always give your audience a chance to communicate and air their views so as not to make the conference a negative experience.Let there be that chance where the the speakers can interact with the audience and tackle some issues head on. Organising conference photography for future company promotional literature is also a great idea.

5. Develop a working Time Plan- Time planning in every conference is very essential in that all the events and tasks scheduled to be discussed on the material day are dealt with within the stipulated time in the schedule provided by the planner.

6. Food and Beverages- Target the amount of food and beverages according to the attendance list to minimize on the cost. You may also find out if the conference facility provides catering for your guests and their cost and to know if they allow outside catering. When these few steps are achieved then then conference will be a success without problems or complains.

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